Documentary airing nationwide on HBO, November 14th at 9PM. 


“Tony was totally focused on telling the truth and telling the hard and difficult and brutal truths and to do so he was willing to put his life at risk.“

James Estrin Senior Photographer for the New York Times


UNDERFIRE: THE UNTOLD STORY OF TONY VACCARO chronicles the life of a man who played two roles during World War II, both at great risk: a combat infantryman on the front lines and a photographer who took and developed roughly 8,000 photographs of the war. Through interviews with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers, and Vacarro himself, this intimate film delves into issues about witnessing and recording conflict, how photography defines the way wars are perceived by the public, and the sheer difficulty of survival while taking photos in a dangerous war zone.

Director Max Lewkowicz

Executive Producer Tim Van Patten.

“Certainly what Tony went through… he would have known that he would either get killed or badly wounded. That was the only way back to the US for him and everybody he knew around him. So knowing that, what keeps you going is fighting for the guys around you.“

– Alex Kershaw New York Times best-selling author and historian