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Gott Mit Uns
A burning German tank pilot has just climbed out of his Tiger tank only to fall on the ground and pass away. I was a target as I took this photograph and drew fire. I took cover near him and read his Nazi belt buckle: "Got Mit Uns" - "God is With Us". He was saying "Muter. Muter." in the Hurtgen Forest, 1944.
War Pause
Five soldiers in the 331st Regiment await orders in the Hurtgen Forest, West of Gey, Germany, December 1944. Virtually all of my war photographs have disintegrated due to the poor developing conditions I was forced to use; the nitrate in the film; and a flood in the basement of the Stars and Stripes building, where my negatives were stored, in August, 1946. Prior to disintegration, I did make excellent copies of them. For an actual image this should be flipped horizontally.